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Rest Day in Hoi An

Now with Kevin not being well it's a bit of a rest day with not a lot happening so I'll take this opportunity to chat about bits and pieces.

What the Japanese Red Bridge looks like

What we saw

An absolutely must when your beer is served slightly chilled. We've got used to ice in our beer now, in fact I'm quite liking it.

Beer & Ice

Banh mi and beer also work well together just like parmi and a pint back at home. As we move up the long country of Vietnam we've noticed that beer options vary Down South we were drinking Bia Sai Gon or 333, then moving to the middle it was Huda and now in the North we are seeing, plus drinking Bia Ha Noi.

Not only is beer regional, so is food. Pho is found throughout the country with the broth sweeter in the south. In addition, different regions specialise in certain dishes for example in Hue their dish is Bun Bo Hue. This has been our favourite so far with its the broth is a mix of spicy, sour and sweet served with predominantly beef and of course rice noodles. Fresh spring rolls, we've noticed vary quite a lot including the dipping sauce that accompanies them.

Bun Bo Hue

I loved these, Kev not so much. Banh Nam is a steamed rice batter muffin and is wrapped in banana leaves. The filling is minced pork and shrimp so when you open the outside wraper. The flavors are so complex.

Unfortunately there were enough days in Hue to taste the huge variety of specialty dishes they are known for.

Banh Nam

Rubbish, especially plastic is a world wide problem with Vietnam behind Australia as far as phasing our single use plastic. When buying a take away drink you are given an plastic cup holder with a handle. Plastic on plastic.

One thing we've both noticed though is how clean the streets are. Every person must see it as their duty to sweep outside their shop or home as there is minimal leaf debris or rubbish on the street. At the end of the day they leave their rubbish out in little piles on the street and at some point the rubbish collector comes around and picks it up. I'm the cities we've seen people also walking around with big rubbish carts picking up the rubbish as well as sweeping the road. There also seems to be rubbish separation going on as well.

An example of clean streets

Smiles are everywhere. The Vietnamese people are so friendly and willing to help you out, help with directions and all with a smile. Safety, walking the streets at night is not an issue at all. I would feel very safe walking on my at night

We are loving Vietnam and can't wait to continue our time here. We still have 16 days left of the 30 day Evisa to go.

See you next time.

Donna & Kevin


PS - these posts are behind real time so I thought I'd give you an update on our COVID situation. Kevin is now showing negative on his test, so no more masks and I'm also negative. We will continue to wear masks in enclosed spaces, especially where there is a high volume of people. This will reduce picking up any other nasties.

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