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As we start a new phase of our adventures I felt it important to document these travels.  As 'Not so Grey Travellers' our memories may not be as reliable as they once were, so by blogging daily not only to we always have a record of our journey but also those little moments that happen, that is often forgotten about as you move on.   In preparing for this adventure I found myself doing heaps of research so we can get the most out of time, so I thought the knowledge I have gain should be shared for like minded travellers, specifically those 50+ in age.


There are countless blogs and vlogs from those much younger than us who have youth, agility and stamina on their side as we once did.  It is now time to hear the same travel stories but this time told from the 'Not so Grey', 50+ travellers amongst us.  

I hope you find our blog not only insightful but entertaining.


Donna & Kevin


About Us

As a 37 year married couple in our 50's and empty nesters, we now restart our BC (before children) travel adventures.

I, Donna, am the creator and story teller of this blog and husband Kevin, comes along for the ride and makes our travel twice as fun.  I couldn't think of anyone else I would rather share all of this with.  

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