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Podcast Famous!

Updated: Jan 23

Nargh, not really but I was on a podcast. One of my favourite podcasts to listen as preparation for our 3 month adventure was 'Talk Travel Asia' hosted by Trevor Ranges and Scott Coates who are two intrepid characters with a love of Asia and travel. This podcast is a pet project of theirs that shares their favourite bits of travel insight and to showcase the passion of their many regional contacts.

They put out a call for listeners who may wish to share their stories of travelling around the region and not being shy, I contacted them with a brief outline of our travel philosopher and a snippet of our travel adventures. With a few back and forths, we set a date to record a podcast. I was extremely nervous during the recording, doing my best to retell stories and answer questions they asked. Somehow I managed to sound reasonably knowledgable without dropping too many ums. Enormous thanks goes out to both Scott and Trevor for making me feel comfortable and welcoming me to their podcast.

So here we go folks! This is Talk Travel Asia's podcast featuring myself. Episode #188 "Donna Kitchen's Glampacking Adventure in Asia",

I highly recommend that you not only listen to this podcast but look through their back catalogue as they share many awesome stories and valuable advise about travelling in this region, their home.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast.



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