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Missing in Action

At Kuala Lumpar all packed ready to come home

With great intentions of firstly writing these diary blogs as we were on the road - FAIL! Secondly, catching up and writing them on our return - FAIL! With great disappointment, aching hearts and fading memories, life returned to 'normal' once we returned from our 3 month trip.

We awake in the morning and find ourselves in our familiar bedroom rather than a strange hotel room. We head out for breakfast to find that we have to make it ourselves and worst of all, clean up after ourselves. We return from our daily activities to find that the bed has not been made nor the towels refreshed. Instead of deciding where we shall dine tonight, we have to cook ourselves and do the dishes ourselves.

Yep, that is reality. The holiday is OVER! The heart aches for adventure instead of the 9-5 drill. We start sentences with 'Remember when ...' or 'This reminds me of the time we ...'. These anedotes are filled with joy as these memories are recent ones and we are still on a high from our trip. We are sensing eye rolls from our adult children as they are subjected to our adventures.

Before long, nobody is asking us about our big adventure, our family don't even humour us by listening anymore or giving us a cursory eye roll.

Did I mentioned that we returned in June, our winter. This was also a rude shock. Not that thrilled with applying layers of clothing rather than swimmers, shirt and shorts. Another rude awakening was that we had to also wash our own clothes!

Perth winters

The worst of all is that emptiness we feel not dissimilar to a breakup of a relationship, that wistful longing for freedom and the numerous times you catch yourself daydreaming. Would you call this travellust or wanderlust. The Germans call the strong urge for travel wanderlust, literally a desire for wandering. Yes, that's it!

As we all know, there's only one way to resolve this feeling, to start planning the next trip. We have plans for 2024 to travel to north west Bali, escaping the craziness of main tourist area to explore the black sandy beaches and the lush forests and rice fields of the mountains. Jumping on a ferry, we will escape to the secret gili's of southern Lombok for some snorkelling and diving.

While we plot our next GREAT adventure, this adventure will provide us with the sustenance our bodies and spirits need.


Donna & Kev

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