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Hoi An day 2 ends with bad news.

Good morning Hoi An! Waking up early definitely has its advantages. Today I was greeted by a pink moon settling over the traditional concrete houses with a small crop of rice in the foreground. This image does not do it any justice at all. It was quite spectacular.

Now out of a highrise hotel building it was lovely to wake up to fresh air and being able to step outside.

With a scooter organised we headed off back to the old city to wander around and visit the family temples and old family houses and their relics. Definitely needed a ca phe sua first.

Armed with our 210,000dong, 'visit any five attractions', tickets we did our best to navigate the interconnecting lanes to find our five.

On entering the Tan Ky family home we were welcomed by a friendly girl offering us a free guided tour. Poor thing must do this a gazillion times a day as she recited her spiel at a rapid pace almost robotic like. Very sweet though as she directed our gaze here, there and everywhere.

The old city is on the banks of the Thu Bon River, these buildings have been subject to flooding many times with the latest being 11 October 2022.

Moving on to a family temple that I can't recall the name of.

We sat down in the inner courtyard where it was slightly cooler and chatted with two people from USA. We've loved meeting people from all over the world on our travels. The topic of conversation was how hot it was. Checking the temperature we were right to think so, as you can see below.

After this we decided to return to the Villa for a swim.

Kevin isn't feeling the best with a bit of a scratchy throat, tired and run down so does a COVID test and it's positive! Damn! Within a matter of hours he has gone downhill quite rapidly and spends the rest of the day in bed.

I also do a test which is negative so off to the pool I go.

This pretty much ends this day and hoping Kevin doesn't get too sick nor that I get COVID. Neither of us have had it yet.


Donna and Kevin.

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Apr 12, 2023

Sad to hear about Kev. Lots of resting and hopefully you will be up and moving soon.

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