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Goood Mooorning Viet Nam!

Sorry about the corny title but I couldn't help myself.

The Vietnamese language is monosyllabic therefore Viet Nam is two words (two syllables). This is one of the many facts we learned today on our free walking tour of Ho Chi Minh City highlights. The written language in its current written form came about in the 17th century by Catholic missionaries transcribing the Bible into a Latin text.

Iconic landmark where US government evacuated after the fall of Saigon (HCMC)

We highly recommend taking a guide tour similar to this when arriving in a huge city such as HCMC. Not only did we learn so many different facts about Vietnam and the people's life and history, it gave us an opportunity to orient ourselves with the layout of the city and its highlights.

Checking in on Mr Ho.

We completed the three and a half hour tour with our very first Banh Mi with Saigon beer. Being slightly excited to taste our first Banh Mi we order one each with all meats. Big mistake! We were even warned by our guide to share one between two. Having also won a beer in a competition and one in hand, I was double parked but I managed.

Perched on a tiny plastic chair enjoying my first Banh Mi

Our guide Thanh teaching us how to say 'cheers' in Vietnamese

With a couple of early starts in a row and all that walking in the heat and well deserved rest and swim was due. Like any other large Asian city there's the constant beep, beep of horns from the motorbikes from the streets below.

I'd forgotten how gorgeous the evenings were in these warm climates. In the middle of District 1 there is Nguyen Hue Walking Street that comes alive in the evening with street dancers, fire breathers, musicians along with hundreds of locals simply 'showing off' their pedigree dog or young couples being seen in the hippest part of the city.

At the top of Nguyen Hue Walking Street is the People's Committee Building which at night is stunningly lit up show of its detailed reliefs carved into the walls and Roman columns and arches.

Giving into our fatigue we decided to call an end to our first full day in Viet Nam.


Donna & Kevin

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