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Updated: Feb 9, 2023

As 'glampackers' we wanted to travel light as we would be carrying our own bags, jumping on and off trains, buses and boats. Trying also to keep costs down it was necessary to only have carry-on luggage.

We chose a Pacsafe Venture -safeX 30L Anti-Theft Adventure Backpack each along with a daypack. For added security these Fosmon TSA Approved Cable Luggage Locks we a must and to keep everything compact and tidy we used Globite Packing Cubes.

What to Pack

Tropical weather calls for light, breathable fabrics such as moisture wicking polyester as the fibers wick wetness away and you get a drier, cooler you. Easy to wash, quick drying and roll up tight in your luggage. Linen is a natural breathable fabric also very light and is loosely woven which allows heat to escape from the body. It absorbs a lot of moisture and dries quickly, keeping you cool and dry. Beach Street Design, a West Australian small business who design clothing for the hot Australian summers. Keeping this in mind, our choice of clothing consisted mostly of these fabrics.

Shoes! Another important decision to be made, especially for 50+ peeps who have a times suffered from Plantar Fasciitis. Sore feet are problematic when you plan on doing heaps of adventuring on foot as it invariably leads to back and neck pain as well.

I will be packing three pair of shoes and Kev is happy with two pairs. Basically we are taking the same shoes. A pair of Archies Thongs which have been a life changing for both of us due to their arch support and tight fitting straps.

Tropicfeel's were the choice for enclosed shoes as they ticked lots of boxes. They have incredible tread, water resistant, look good, light weight and can be worn as an aqua shoe as well with drainage holes in the soles.

Girls, you know we all have a love for shoes therefore I had to have a third pair. Again comfort was a must and these sandals are like walking on a cloud. Sandals and Sunsets are an Australia small business who import these amazingly comfortable and lightweight sandal.

This is a breakdown of what we are individually packing. This is the plan to-date but this may change once we pack everything in our 30L backpacks!



5 x moisture wick t-shirts

5 x moisture wick t-shirts

2 x moisture wick tank tops

3 x moisture wick shorts

1 x denim shorts

2 x cotton t-shirts

1 x linen long pants (for temples)

2 x linen tops

1 x linen shirt

1 x dress

1 x short beach skirt

2 x bathers

5 x underpants

2 x sports bras

1 x microfibre beach towel

1 x thongs

1 x sport shoes

1 x sandals

Now that I make this list, it seems a lot but keep in mind these are all very lightweight pieces as well as rolling up in to packing cubes saves space.

There will be other essentials to add to our 'kit' but we'll get to that in a later blog.


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Mar 24, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I’m packing for my travels and love your tups! I’ll be passing on the links to hubby too!! xx

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