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Day at HCMC Domestic Airport

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

We now head to our second destination Da Nang, with an easy checkin which included a free piece of checked in luggage. Yay, got to be happy with that!

All is going well, easy transit through security then make ourselves comfortable for a short wait before our flight if called.

That's what we thought. I double check our boarding pass and the boarding time is 15:35. This must be wrong, we should be boarding soon. Another check and I notice that the flight number doesn't match what I booked. I head to the screen showing the departing flights and ours isn't listed. Okay, what's going on here? To the VietJet info desk I head, the kind staff member checked his screen only to say that our flight was cancelled and we are now on the next flight to Da Nang ... in 5 hours time.

Now to break the news to Kevin. We have two choices. We can leave the airport and come back but we had no idea where we could go. We decided to stay and sit it out. Doing a lap of the departure area we found a few options for food and drinks, also found massage chairs which could be utilized. Now was time for a Ca Phe Sua (Vietnamese coffee) as we pondered our options. As far as airport food goes, this was not bad.

In the last blog I neglected to mention that we purchased our motorcycle helmets for our trip. We were fairly confident in riding scooters here in Vietnam and into Laos and Cambodia. Definitely not in the cities though. We have experience in riding scooters in Asia but we know our limits. With spending 3 months in these countries we wanted to ensure we had good helmets. Purchasing new quality helmets we we're protecting ourselves.

While waiting at the airport Kev had an opportunity to check out my helmet in more detail and was pretty impressed with my choice so much so that he'd wished he'd bought a helmet like mine. Oh well!

It was probably worked for the best that I had access to a toilet as I experienced my first bought of 'OMG, I need to go to the toilet NOW!'

Eventually we boarded, after a 5 hour wait for a one hour fifteen minute flight.

After collecting our bags we looked for a taxi determined not to be scammed again. Easy, we were old hands at this.

Checking into our Da Nang hotel we headed out looking for dinner, finding a lovely little local restaurant devouring a luscious bowl of Pho and back to the hotel for an early night.

It's amazing how tiring it is sitting around an airport is but we were shattered.

Tomorrow we explore Da Nang but already we are loving the vibe here.


Donna and Kevin

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05 thg 4, 2023

So love reading all your travel stories. Keep safe and keep having wonderful adventures

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