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A Sea Change

Looking to take in a sea change before heading inland again, we spent a few nights at Tan Thanh Beach which is only 15 minutes drive from Hoi An.

A room with a view

A few days prior we road out to this beach area to check out the different areas and accommodation that we could book into. Thank goodness we did - hotel booking site photos show some of the accommodation places in a better light than they really are. The Santa Villa had a lovely pool out front and was directly opposite the beach where we could relax on some beach chairs with a cold beer in hand.

A sea change and a beer

The occasional beach seller would come along selling souvenirs which we weren't particularly interested in but we did need some stubby holders. Unfortunately the weather turned with bad weather coming in with the winds picking up and the ocean becoming too rough to swim in and it cooled down. It was now only about 30c.

There are a couple different strips in this coastal area but we loved our chosen area as it was literally one road no longer than 500metres with a few villas and a hostel, a few bars and local restaurants. It was possible to walk down the middle of the road as there was barely any traffic either.

The Main Street of Tan Than Beach at night

Today was a chill day as Kevin was still somewhat unwell, a bit lethargic and keeping himself away from crowds.

Finishing the day with dinner at a local restaurant with very cheap food and beer. Speaking of beer, the price does vary from venue to venue. On an average it should cost about 25,000VND - 40,000VND (1.60AUD- 2.55AUD) also depending on the beer brand you drink. Buying a can of Hanoi, Saigon or 333 will cost about 15,000VND - 20,000VND (95cents AUD - 1.25AUD). So cheap! Even cheaper is Bia Hio (freshly poured beer of the keg with no preservatives) 10,000VND (AUD65c). Ridiculously cheap!

In addition, beer can be served at varying temperatures. Room temperature, straight out of carton. Slightly cool as it's been sitting in an esky full of cold water that was once ice. It's been in the fridge for half an hour as we've just restocked it an hour cold. Oh yeah, we have cold beer fridge but the fridge is really struggling with the amount of beer we have in here . Or, Oh yes we have cold beer and it comes out of a deep chest freezer. This is our favourite but it is very rare. I usually ask for ice with mine.

Beer still needed ice

Tomorrow we've hired scooter, 1 each and we intend to explore the surrounding area.

See you then.

Kev & Donna


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Apr 22, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Mine seems to be behind the Instagram pages but still loving reading this xxx

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