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Two Bikes are Better Than One

Kev is feeling much better today but trying to stay clear of people which makes it an excellent time to go exploring on hired motorbikes. In fact they are more like scooters, 125cc. A little bit extra power than we have at home but we've ridden this style in Indonesia many times.

Today was all about adventuring on the scooters and see what we find. I dropped a pin on a beach location on my google maps and away we went.

Mine was the pretty yellow one

Riding through the little villages with parents waiting on their scooter, for children to finish their day in school. I wonder if their parents ask them the same questions we ask ours about how their day was. What did you learn? Did you behave yourself?

Crossing one of the highest bridges we've seen, we were able to stop at the top (only because we are in Vietnam) to see how they naturally farm their fish.

Fish farming

We drove down little roads, past tiny villages and emerald green rice paddies as we made our way to our drop pin beach. The closer we got to the beach, the narrower the road got until it ended up being a sandy track passing through an empty paddock. Eventually, we saw water, not the crystal clear water that we are used to but murky colour instead. Even though, the water was clean and refreshing as it was another hot day, especially on the beach.

As we were swimming we watched about 5 women dragging a fishing net up the beach. It was slow work for them as they pulled their haul further up the beach.

We found the beach

On the way back down the sandy track we stopped as a little shop/restaurant to grab a cold beer and we were welcomed in by the lady owner. We had a great time chatting with her with google translation as our intermediary. We asked each other the normal questions like where we lived, how old we were and how many children or grandchildren we had. It was hilarious as she live streamed us to her family and friends on Facebook or similar. After a hundred photos and a couple of cold beers we departed the best of friends.

Our new bestie

That evening as we were freaking up to go out for dinner we could hear a band start up and playing familiar cover songs. So it appears that in this one street town there's a pretty good looking backpackers accommodation and across the road from that was a bar with the very apt name 'Sandy Toes'. To say we were surprised by this joint was an understatement as it equalled any beach club bar in Bali. This live band of young expats were playing the rights tunes and the young international backpacker crew up and dancing, including us 'not so grey travellers'.

The young people continued for much longer than we could so we returned to our homestay for a good nights sleep.


Donna & Kevin

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May 04, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Loving Loas, was lovely chatting/seeing and loved our motorbike ride. Love you heaps, AM & UB

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